Off-peak conventions and large events booked in Rhode Island for Nov. 8 through Dec. 7 account for nearly 20,000 contracted hotel room nights, more than double the number compared with this time last year, according to the Providence Warwick Convention & Visitors Bureau.

The visitors bureau recorded 8,465 contracted room nights last year for a slightly longer time period, from Nov 1. to Dec. 7 of 2013, for Providence and Warwick, said Kristen Adamo, the visitors bureau's vice president of marketing and communications, in an email.

About 10,800 visitors will be staying for various lengths of time at five different events in the two cities, said Martha Sheridan, president and CEO of the visitors bureau, which brought the businesses to the area. That number reflects rooms booked through room blocks set up by meeting planners, she added. The actual number of nights booked is probably even higher, since some visitors book rooms on their own, she said.

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