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Course One

Choose One

House Salad
Romaine lettuce, grape tomatoes, shredded carrots, purple cabbage and croutons

Grilled Chicken Teriyaki
Skewered tenders, Thai dipping sauce

Grilled Buffalo Chicken
Skewered tenders in spicy buffalo sauce, with blue cheese dressing and celery garnish

Grilled Clams
Five clams, grilled in their shells, and drizzled with garlic herb butter

Shrimp Cocktail 
Five, crisp and chilled shrimp, served with cocktail sauce

Chicken Parm Meatball
Stuffed with fresh mozzarella; finished with marinara sauce, herbed ricotta, fresh basil, and pecorino Romano

Fried Calamari 
Crisp fried calamari, sautéed with lemon, butter, garlic, and hot peppers

The Ultimate Wedge
A solid wedge of iceberg lettuce, with blue cheese dressing, chopped tomato, green onions,
diced bacon, cucumber and croutons

Romaine lettuce and seasoned croutons, tossed with caesar dressing

Hot and Sour Soup 
With pulled pork, bean sprouts, mini corn, and straw mushrooms

Tina Napleon
Layers of sashimi tuna & crisp wontons sprinkled with sesame seeds drizzled
with sweet & spicy miso sauce

Course Two

Choose One

Gnocchi Carbonara
Applewood smoked bacon, peas, shallots, gorgonzola cream and boneless chicken

Pork Medallions
Gratinée Sliced and sautéed with port wine, onion, dijon mustard and brown sugar, finished with melted gorgonzola

Kabob Trio
Beef tenderloin, jumbo shrimp and scallop kabobs, grilled and brushed with garlic butter and served with jasmine rice and mixed greens

Grilled Meat Loaf
With Portabello Demi-Glace Served over mashed potatoes, with onion ring garnish

Clams Portuguese Over Capellini
Littlenecks simmered in a tomato-clam broth with onion, garlic, and chaurice. FRESH COD Oven roasted over jasmine rice and topped with a creamed spinach and crispy potato sticks

Lobster Cardinale
Lobster, shrimp and scallops, simmered in cognac-tomato-cream sauce over capellini

Orange-Ginger Salmon
Fresh fillet of salmon, pan seared in an orange-ginger glaze, garnished with a pinch of fresh cilantro, served with rice and greens

Penne Jambalaya
Shrimp, chicken, chourico, onion and tomato, served in a spicy cajun cream sauce

Jamaican Jerk Chicken
A statler breast, highly seasoned and crisp grilled, served with an apricot-mango chutney, coconut rice and mixed greens

Grilled Sirloin Steak
Choice aged, 12 oz. with choice of topping: Lobster Tarragon Butter, Chipotle Barbeque with Onions, or Lemon Infused Olive Oil

Course Three

Choose One

Pizza Melba
Grilled pizza with mascarpone and cream cheese, fresh fruit, raspberry sauce and crème anglaise drizzle (A smaller than normal version)

PB&C Torte
Velvet chocolate cake with a peanut butter mouse dipped in a chocolate ganache (A slightly smaller than normal version)

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream
Two Scoops of Vanilla or Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz

Banana Cream Pie
In a spiced graham cracker crust, with banana slices, brulee’d tableside

Flourless Chocolate
TorteDecadent, dense and rich cake, served with melba sauce and whipped cream garnish

New York Style Cheese Cake
Served with fresh fruit and whipped cream garnish

Must be 21 or over to order desert martini’s below

Espresso Martini
Van Gogh Double Espresso Vodka, Kahlua Liqueur and espresso

Salted Caramel Martini
Stoli Salted Caramel Vodka, Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur, White Créme de Cacao, Vermont Ice Maple Cream & Fresh Espresso

Thin Mint Martini
Text Box: MERITAGE_RESTAURANTWEEKMENU - DECEMBER 2016Van Gogh Rich Dark Chocolate, Peppermint Mocha Kahlua, Bailey’s Irish Cream Liqueur & Créme de Menthe

*Beverages, tax and gratuity are not included.*