Snooker's Sports, Billiards, Bar & Grill


Snooker's Sports, Billiards, Bar & Grill

  • 53 Ashburton Street
  • Providence, RI 02904
  • Phone: (401) 351-7665
Serving: Lunch
Participating in 2 for 1: No
Cuisine: Casual Dining Sports Bar & Grill

Snookers is a great place to meet friends, entertain guests, or just hang out enjoying craft beers, great food, and good times. Fifteen professional quality pool tables, along with the official home ...more



Course One

Choose One
Side House Salad

Side Caesar Salad

Cup of Soup

Course Two

Choose One 
Any Entree Salad

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad

Any Pizza

10 oz Snooker Burger

Sandwich off Lunch Menu

Course Three

Plate of Warm Cookies

 *Beverages, Tax, and Gratuity are not included*