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The majority of events we book are held in the Rhode Island Convention Center. We also bring events to the Dunkin’ Donuts Center, as well as to local hotels. Part of attracting this business to Rhode Island includes working with hotels in Providence, Warwick and all of Rhode Island to book blocks of rooms for those attending each event.

We measure our success by the number of hotel room nights booked, the number of people attending and how each event impacts the Rhode Island economy.

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[ Meetings Booked in the State-Owned RI Convention Center Complex ]

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[ Meetings Booked Outside of Convention Center ]

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The PWCVB also runs the Rhode Island Sports Commission, which books sporting events throughout the state.

[ Events Booked by the Rhode Island Sports Commission ]

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Upcoming Groups Meeting in Rhode Island

Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors
800 people

American Wind Energy Association
500 people

Harmony Incorporated
1,200 people

American Contract Bridge League
500 people

Athletic Championships
10,000 people

Northeastern Retail Lumber Association
1,300 people

NCAA Men's Ice Hockey
7,000 people

Hemophilia Federation of America

New England Political Science Association
250 people

JMT Sports Travel - Commotion By the Ocean Tournament
2,000 people

Airports Council International - North America
400 people

Association of College & University Housing Officers International
1,400 people

International Dance Challenge
1,000 people

International Society for the Study of Xenobiotics
900 people

What's on the Horizon

Large events like meetings and conventions are typically booked from 2-5 years in advance. The PWCVB is already working on business as far out as 2021. When our sales team is working with prospective clients and attempting to book business, it is known as “tentative business.” Once a contract has been signed, the business becomes definite. The PWCVB receives a monthly pace report from Trend Analysis Projections LLC, or “TAP,” to make sure that we are hitting our established goals.

Here is a snapshot of business for the next eight years.