Foodies looking for the source of the modern food truck craze don't have to travel any farther than Providence, RI. Home to one of the oldest traveling restaurants in the country, the Creative Capital's famed culinary scene has added some new and diverse mobile dining options for every palate.

Visitors to Providence can head to Like No Udder, a dessert truck specializing in vegan sweet treats that are void of animal products and hydrogenated ingredients. Like No Udder is the world's first all-vegan, soft-serve ice cream truck and was recently ranked by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) as one of the top five vegan-friendly food trucks in the U.S.

Like No Udder has a number of treats to satisfy travelers' sugary cravings including chocolate-peanut butter shakes, root beer floats, vegan soft-serve ice cream, slushies and candy bars. At select times the truck also carries hot-food items such as veggie hotdogs and vegan meatball subs. For more information or location updates, visit

Foodies looking for a spicy meal can head to Mama Kim's Korean BBQ to sample the menu featuring traditional and contemporary Korean cuisine. The first of its kind in Rhode Island, the truck is owned and run by Sook and Hyun Kim, a mother-son duo.

Menu highlights include barbecue short ribs, spicy pork sliders, freshly steamed dumplings, rice cakes and bulgogi. The menu also includes items that vegetarians and vegans can enjoy such as steamed veggie pancakes, spicy kimchi or marinated tofu pockets. For more information, visit For location updates, visit them on Facebook or Twitter.

Also relatively new to Providence is Julians, a renovated double decker food bus transported all the way from London. Opened in 2010, Julians features an extensive brunch and dinner menu with staples such as eggs benedict, omelets and much more. Before opening, the bus underwent a number of renovations including the removal of seats on the first floor to make room for a fully operational kitchen complete with plumbing and refrigeration, and the redesign of the second floor to create a dining room atmosphere. While the bus may be on wheels, it can always be found at the intersection of Broadway and Vinton Street. For more information, visit

Travelers looking for the source of the food truck trend don't have to look any farther than the Haven Bros. dining cart located next to city hall in downtown Providence. One of the oldest restaurants on wheels, the Haven Bros. dining cart was founded in 1893 as a horse drawn lunch wagon. Today, it's a Providence landmark complete with a retractable metal staircase and a menu full of comfort foods such as milkshakes and hotdogs. For more information, call (401) 861-7777.

Additional food trucks options in Providence include: the Sugarush Truck, a 1950s International Harvester Metro Van that was converted into a tiny mobile cupcake bakery; the Providence Juice Company which sells fresh juice and healthy smoothies; and Poco Loco Tacos which serves tacos, burritos and quesadillas.