PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Local football fans who didn’t make it to Houston are still planning on having a good time Sunday.

Providence bars and restaurants are bound to benefit from all the excitement in Patriots Nations, according to Justin Parrillo, a coordinator at the Rhode Island Sports Commission.

Caserta’s Pizzeria is one of the many establishments bracing for food orders this weekend.

“It’s a great day for us. Just a busy day and it kinda comes all at once,” said restaurant co-owner Joesph Cavallaro.

His staff is ready, though, he said. “The volumes that we produce today going into tomorrow, tomorrow going into Saturday and Sunday, etc… It’s just a greater volume. But, we have the means and the expertise to pull it off. We do it well.”

Cavallaro said he will bring in two extra employees to run the counter on Sunday and an additional four employees to work in the kitchen.

For the past week, employees have been preparing pizza boxes because most business at Caserta’s this weekend will be take-out.

Gillette Stadium also reached out to the city of Providence. “They were interested to see if maybe Providence could get on board with supporting the Patriots this Sunday. So, any lights that we have for buildings will be red, white and blue,” Parrillo said. “The DOT is even on board.”

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