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Courtney Edge-Mattos
Courtney Edge-Mattos

Courtney Edge-Mattos is a native Rhode Islander who moved around as a child, but always returned to the Ocean State. Her love of the paranormal and history brought about the birth of Providence Ghost Tour. In addition to searching for spirits,  Courtney enjoys spending time in New Hampshire with her husband, Kevin, and Catahoula Leopard dog, Baxter. She loves hiking and dangling her feet in a river while she has a book in her hands, or spending time with her mother, the original storyteller. 

Providence Ghost Tour: The Spirits Are Ready to Speak

“Edge.” The hiss of a small word, four little letters, crackled over the box. We looked at each other. My eyes were wide, hers were smiling. Edge. My last name. Spoken through a spirit box as we reached out to the dearly-departed outside the Providence Athenaeum. Spoken by a male voice in response…

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