Providence Restaurant Weeks kicks off on Sunday, July 10. 

Make a plan of attack

With nearly 100 different restaurants participating this year, it can get pretty overwhelming figuring out where you’re going to eat. Head over to to check out all of the restaurants and their menus to figure out where you’ll be going and what you’ll be eating before you go out.

Bring your friends

Even though you get a three-course meal for a great price, you still don’t want to pick just one. Bring a friend (or two) so you can have them pick one of the other dishes you wanted. That way, you can at least try the other meals. Perfect way to get the most out of your Restaurant Weeks!

Make it a date

Trying to impress the lady (or man) in your life? Bring them out during Providence Restaurant Weeks to shower them with a lavish three-course dinner.

Linger at lunch

Make that hour-long lunch last a little bit longer by making it a Providence Restaurant Week one. It also doesn’t hurt to invite the boss out to lunch so you’re not the only one gone for an hour and a half.

Have your cake, and eat it too

As delicious as the food is, be sure to always leave room for dessert!

However you choose to enjoy Providence Restaurant Weeks, we hope you have a great time. Visit to see all of the participating restaurants and start your planning.

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