Venturing into Olneyville last week, a friend and I were pleasantly surprised by our experience at Fête (pronounced /’fet/). We were there to see Assembly of Dust, a folk/Americana band from NYC, and Leftover Salmon, a bluegrass act from Boulder, Colo., and we were excited to try out the new club on the West Side of Providence.

After a tasty meal at El Rancho Grande on nearby Plainfield Street, we made a short 1 mile trip over to Fête. Valet parking is offered and was a must on this evening as on-street parking was hard to find.

As advertised, the show started right up at 7:30 pm with Assembly of Dust playing first. Assembly of Dust plays with a lyric-driven style that blends three-part harmonies with next generation Americana. Unobstructed views of the stage create a nice viewing experience from virtually all angles. The blend of steel construction and artwork in the space is highlighted by the creative lighting features which change color as the band plays.

Fête's large bar at the back of the room provides quick service and a great selection of local beers at reasonable prices. (Revival Brewing Oktoberfest and the Double Black I.P.A. were the specials that night and were only $4. Not a bad price for a nightclub beverage!)

Leftover Salmon came on next and launched into some classic bluegrass, which really got the crowd going. The up-tempo blend of country, bluegrass, and rock really creates a fun dance scene in front of the stage that the diverse crowd lapped up. Overall, Fête is a great new venue that I highly recommend you visit!

To see upcoming shows or to learn more about Fête, check out their website here.

Fete with iron work detail