Can our fair capital city receive too much culinary recognition? Certainly not. And can we talk about it too much? That's like asking if another Al Forno pizza is too much. Of course not!

This time, the venerable Saveur magazine has named Providence one of the best small cities in the world for restaurants and dining in its 2013 Culinary Travel Awards issue.

It's quite a prestigious list as Providence joins Florence, Italy; New Orleans; and Las Vegas, amongst others. These are all cities with fewer than 800,000 people that maintain a vibrant and growing dining scene.

Providence's relatively small size makes it the perfect place to sample a wide variety of restaurants, most of which are within walking distance of the city's major hotels and convention center. It's this diversity - the fact that you can find authentic cuisine from all corners of the globe - that keeps us top-of-mind when it comes to the folks who compile these lists.

So by all means, get out and eat and celebrate! And for the full list, click here.