For nine years now, February school vacation has meant trekking around a snowy downtown to see movies from all over the world! Providence Children’s Film Festival, held February 16–25, will take place at main venues within walking distance of downtown Providence, along with satellite venues across the state.

This year’s theme "Explore New Words" offers 15 feature-length and 130 short films — including a film classic, live-action, documentaries and animations — created by filmmakers from around the world, representing more than 20 countries. Here’s a snapshot of the festival, but be sure to visit for all the details, including workshops and more.

The Breadwinner
The Breadwinner movie character PCFF

Canada, Ireland, Luxembourg | In English | Animation

This book-to-film adaptation gives the tumultuous history of Afghanistan and shows a country rich in culture and proud of their heritage, yet suppressed for decades. Oh, and it's one of only five animation films this year nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.  

The Other Side of the Wall (Al Otro Lado del Muro)
The Other Side of the Wall movie scene PCFF

Spain | Spanish w/ English Subtitles | Documentary

This inspiring and much-lauded film came about during a serendipitous meeting of a filmmaker with two teens who found themselves in charge of taking care of their two younger siblings while their mother was sentenced to prison.  

Tesoros documentary treasure hunt film PCFF

Spain | Spanish w/ English Subtitles | Live Action

Part documentary, part live-action treasure hunt "Tesoros" shows slow days of living in a remote Mexican coastal village, the loving families, and burgeoning friendships between the children.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car with people PCFF

United Kingdom | In English | Film Classic, Live Action | Feature Film

A movie so nice, we’re showing it twice, in honor of its 50th anniversary. Filled with unforgettable scenes and songs that a recent generation has never seen on the big screen. The genius of Dick Van Dyke is clearly evident.

Various Shorts
Ships Passing film festival

"The World Around Us," "Magic Carpet Ride," "More Than a Selfie" and "Families in Flight" are among the short films we’ll be featuring. These are great reels to see to get a glimpse at the super imaginative short films that are being made by filmmakers around the world. The film styles are as varied as the films themselves.

About Providence Children’s Film Festival:
The Providence Children’s Film Festival (PCFF), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, was founded in 2009 to bring high-quality, independent and international children’s films, animation and documentaries to New England, and to present them as shared theatrical experiences for the community. Festival organizers include artists, educators, librarians and nonprofit administrators who see value in introducing children to film and animation as a way to help them make connections to both their own and other cultures. 

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