This January, there are more new restaurants participating in Providence Restaurant Weeks than any other year that I can remember. They all vary widely in their offerings and are great options if you're looking to try someplace new. Check these restaurants out below (in no particular order).

Dine with Skyline is a world-class dining experience in Providence serving Mediterranean-American cuisine. Perched on the waterfront at the iconic location known as the Gateway to the Renaissance City, we strive to deliver the freshest ingredients. Indulge in farm-to-fork dining! Learn More ›

If you love Circe in Providence, and live in the southern part of the state (or are an avid golfer), this is what you’ve been waiting for. Circe has brought its expertise to East Greenwich, newly opened at the EG Golf Club. Learn More ›

As a recent Yelp review said, “every day you don’t eat here, you’re missing out.” A wonderful addition to the hip West Side of Providence, Great Northern BBQ has options for everyone. Learn More ›

Wayland Square’s very own rooftop dining opened in 2018. Don’t worry though, there's an enclosure so you won’t be dining outside in this chilly weather. Learn More ›

East Side residents were delighted when this deli, opened by Ben Lloyd of Salted Slate, came to Wayland Square. Keeping with the theme of the great delis of NYC, but with most of the meat raised here in RI, this is a do-not-miss lunch stop during Restaurant Weeks. Learn More ›

We're so happy that Agawam Hunt is opening its restaurant’s doors to the public during Restaurant Weeks. Guests must wear business casual clothing (meaning no jeans), which is no problem because you’ll want to be dressed well for this restaurant. The menu is sure to please the foodie in all of us. Learn More ›

This restaurant is probably the closest to the water that you can get. Opening the weekend before Restaurant Weeks begins, this Mediterranean restaurant and bar won’t disappoint. Make sure you check out the dry ice cocktails. Learn More ›

Some call this the Greek version of Venda Ravioli. Located in the old Tilden Thurber Building, this traditional Greek, family-owned space has an authentic Restaurant Weeks menu that will have you yelling "Opa!" Learn More ›