One surefire way to impress your significant other is a thoughtful, delicious home-cooked meal. Even if you aren't Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen, as long as you can follow a few simple recipes we've got your back. Check out the full-course meal below, made up of recipes from our Small Bites series, and make your night in even more special!

The special twist to this classic cocktail comes from Rhode Island's own Bootblack Citrus Tonic. Spend less time fussing with ingredients and more time with your valentine! Learn More ›

Step aside, boring old buttered toast! This savory spin on a morning classic makes for a great starter. It's sweet, it's crunchy — it's topped with bacon for crying out loud, so it's sure to please! Learn More ›

A big bowl of pasta is the perfect way to keep warm on a cool winter night. Plus, it's super easy and quick to make. With prep and cooking taking a combined 20 minutes, you'll be ready to eat in no time. Learn More ›

You better get started on this one early in the day, but the effort will be worth it once you break them out after dinner. Bonus —you'll have plenty left over to donate to your ill-prepared neighbor. Learn More ›

How about a tall glass of coffee milk to go along with those whoopie pies? Check out this super simple recipe to make a Rhode Island favorite a little more fun. Learn More ›

These are just some of our many food and drink recipes, so if you're still looking for something to make, be sure to check out our full Small Bites lineup!