Raising funds for nonprofit organizations is no small feat, and there are always different ways of doing so. Local activist Alysha Brock is no exception to the rule! A few years ago she came up with a brainchild known as “King of Queens.” This incredible event takes men who have never done drag before and pairs them up with a local drag queen. The three-month process involves the “drag daughter” learning how to apply makeup, wear a dress, lip sync, dance and, most importantly, saunter down the runway in a fabulous pair of heels.

The event raises funds for local nonprofit AIDS Care Ocean State, and it creates a stronger buzz each and every year. This year was one for the books though – the sold-out event on May 1 brought in more than $40,000 for AIDS Care Ocean State in one night! It just goes to show you that no matter how crazy the event, the community will come out to show its support. If you want more information on how you can get involved, check out aidscareos.org.

Top photo by Jen Bonin