Everyone knows that one person in their life who loves everything outdoors. But they’re so hard to buy gifts for. What do you get someone who is always prepared for everything? Well, there’s a new store in Providence, right on the corner of Thayer and Meeting streets, that will have you covered. Denali offers the best selection of outdoor gear and equipment in Southern New England, with additional locations in Connecticut and Westerly, RI. Denali also features casual wear from Vineyard Vines, Southern Tide and more. 

We took a look around the store and picked out these six gifts, which are perfect for stocking stuffers.

1. Wonderful Wool Socks
Denali Wool Socks

Wool socks are always a must-have for every hiker and camper alike. Denali has a wide range of socks that will keep you warm and dry out in the wilderness, including stylish Smartwool socks made with 100% wool. 

2. Insulated Thermos
Thermos Denali

Nothing's better on a hiking trip than having plenty of water. Denali carries a variety of water bottles, including the Yeti and Hydro Flask brands. 

3. Super Bright Head Lamp
Head Lamp Denali

When you’re out in the wild, there will be plenty of times where you need a flashlight to light your way, especially when you have your hands full. That’s why these super bright headlamps by Black Diamond are a perfect stocking stuffer. They’re compact, yet bright enough to light your way, especially on late-night latrine runs. 

4. Fuzzy Slippers
Denali Slippers

Although your friend is outdoorsy, they’re probably not always braving the wild. For the times when they want to kick back and relax, they’ll need a great pair of wool slippers. These cozy ones by Acorn have both the comfort and durability they’ll be looking for in a good pair of slippers. 

5. Portable Wine Glass
Wine Glass Denali

What's better than sitting by the campfire talking with friends? Doing it with a glass of wine in your hand. Now, you could sip some vino out of a ceramic camping mug, or go the classy route with these portable wine glasses. They’re even compact and stackable for easy storing and transport.

6. Utility Gadgets

Denali Knives

Whether it’s for carving kindling or whittling wood, knives are an important tool for every camper. Denali carries a variety of Buck and Benchmade knives to choose from. 

For more info, check out Denali on our site, and be sure to drop by the store to browse their other products.