Here is a rundown of just a handful of the big names that you'll see onscreen during the week of Aug. 6–11 at the Flickers’ Rhode Island International Film Festival. You won't want to miss seeing some of your favorite stars in these dynamic roles!

Karen Allen, Starring in "Colewell"
Karen Allen RIIFF

For 35 years Nora Pancowski (Karen Allen) has been the postmaster of Colewell, Pennsylvania. She runs the office out of her home, but when Nora receives word that her office will be closed, she must decide whether to relocate and take a new job or face retirement in Colewell.

Cheri Oteri, "Turkey's Done"
Cheri Oteri RIIFF

“Turkey’s Done” is a short comedic film revolving around Peaches Bracco (Cheri Oteri), a South Philly housewife, who is impatiently waiting for her cheating husband to come home for a Thanksgiving he’ll never forget.

Richard Kind, "Auggie"
Richard King RIIFF

Forced into early retirement, Felix Greystone (Richard Kind) falls in love with an augmented reality companion to the dismay of his wife and daughter.

Steve Zahn, "I'm No Holiday"
Steve Zahn  RIIFF

“I’m No Holiday” is a portrait of world-renowned fireworks photographer, Lawrence Sendass (Steve Zahn), as he attempts to reframe his work through the memory of lost love.

Olympia Dukakis, "Olympia"
Olympia RIIFF

During this documentary film we follow Academy Award winner Olympia Dukakis as she navigates through work, family and her everlasting quest to belong as a woman in a male-dominated society.

Dane Cook, "American Typecast"
Dane Cook RIIFF

A struggling Middle Eastern-American actor Malik Khan (Monib Abhat), perpetually typecast as a terrorist, is forced to embrace his stereotype in order to save lives, both on- and off-screen. Alex (Dane Cook) is cast as a supporting actor in this film.

Dana Ashbrook, "Ice Cream in the Cupboard"
Dana Ashbrook RIIFF

In this playful meditation on memory and the limitations of love, a series of odd, violent incidents lead Pat (Dana Ashbrook) to wonder what's happening to his wife Carmen (Andrea Lond).

At the Rhode Island International Film Festival you never know when your favorite performers will show up in a short or feature-length film. Be sure to attend some screenings so you don't miss seeing them in a new light!

The RIIFF opens Tuesday, Aug. 6 with an Opening Night Ceremony screening of shorts at the Providence Performing Arts Center. Click here for more info and to get your tickets.

*All photos courtesy of the filmmakers via their submissions/,