With a history of freethinking that dates back to its founder Roger Williams, Providence is all about giving meeting and event planners the ability to craft an experience totally tailored to their unique vision. All you need is a little imagination to freestyle your event in a way that surprises and delights attendees.

As Anissa Ladd, our director of sales, puts it: "You're not locked into one building that you have to house everything in. You can have a plenary at the beautiful Providence Performing Arts Center, then in less than 10 minutes, walk attendees back to the convention center for breakouts."

The flexibility to mix venues and utilize Providence's compact, walkable footprint opens up a world of possibility. Your attendees can do morning yoga along the river one day and attend workshops at venues throughout our diverse neighborhoods the next. The point is, you're free to curate every aspect of your Providence event. Gone are the days of formulaic meetings under one roof. Here, you can go big and bold, taking your attendees on a creative journey through the city's wealth of unique spaces and places.

Providence's very essence is one of free-spirited expression. With an amazing food scene, colorful arts community, vibrant nightlife and eclectic shopping districts, your guests will feel the creative energy radiating through the streets. That spirit of non-conformity blends perfectly with Providence's old-meets-new aesthetic of repurposed mills, streetscapes with a stunning mix of historic and modern architecture, and public art basically everywhere you look. It's the ultimate canvas for crafting authentically fresh experiences. 

Whether you want to host an off-the-wall themed party, showcase local makers or just give attendees the time to wander and soak in all Providence has to offer, you've got total freedom. This is a city where you can go rogue on the standard event playbook. With GoProvidence as your partner, we'll provide all the insider connections and support to pull off your unique Providence vision down to the very last detail. At the end of the day, we want you and your attendees to walk away feeling energized, inspired and refreshed by the incredibly creative event you curated here. In Providence, freestyle reigns supreme.