Hi Taylor Swift. We noticed you were back in Rhode Island last weekend. It seems you’ve been spending a lot of time here and that’s awesome. We love it here, too. Westerly is amazing! But sometimes it rains or the sun can be a little too strong, especially for fair-haired girls like you. With that in mind, we have some suggestions of things you can do if you feel like taking a quick drive up to Providence.

Snuggle Up at the Snuggery


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We hear your super-cute British boyfriend (who is not Benedict Cumberbatch but whom we frequently confuse with Benedict Cumberbatch) has been joining you. We think you and not-Benny would really like the Duck & Bunny. It’s a “snuggery,” a restaurant in a charming 200-year-old-house that serves delicious crepes, cupcakes and an assortment of fine teas, some of which are sure to be English.


Revisit the Supermodel Era


@toddoldham describes his process in #AllofEverything with VIP ticket-holders.

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Sure, most of your buds are gorgeous models, but they’ve got nothing on Naomi, Christy and Linda. Revisit the 90s, when the clothes were super and the models were stars. The RISD Museum still has a few weeks left of its fabulous Todd Oldham exhibit, featuring clothes from a master craftsman at the peak of his powers.


Cast Love Spells and Ward Off the Haters

We get it. It's not easy being a beautiful, rich mega-star. There are cads (we’re looking at you, John Mayer) and haters (Katy, Kim, Kanye and probably other people whose names begin with “K”). Ward off negative energy and find true love at Mother Mystic, an eclectic spiritual apothecary and bookstore that offers, Reiki treatments, psychic readings and more.


Pick Up a Souvenir


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It seems like some of your best memories have been made in Rhode Island. Remind yourself of all the summer fun by purchasing some great locally-made products. Places like Craftland and Rhody Craft feature Rhode Island-themed gear, jewelry and more, all by local artists and designers.

Whatever you do, it’s sure to be fun. You obviously have good taste. You live in Rhode Island.