Memorial Day weekend is a chance for us to slow down and take time to honor the fallen heroes who've served to protect our freedom. This weekend will look a little different than it has in the past, but there are still plenty of things to do. Below are just a few ideas for how you can show respect for the true meaning of this holiday and enjoy yourself as well.

Memorial Park, Providence
Memorial Park

Memorial Park, a beautiful sculpture-filled park, pays homage to people who gave their lives during wars and conflicts around the world. Located in downtown Providence, Memorial Park has several statues and plaques celebrating those who fought in the Korean War, World War I and World War II. The bronze statue of the Korean War depicts a kneeling soldier fighting off the rain and cold. The World War I Memorial, designed by architect Paul Cret in 1929, stands an impressive 150 feet high. The World War II Memorial, dedicated in 2007, is not only composed of two walls of veterans' names, but also commemorates how many people from each town in Rhode Island were sent to war.

Order a Takeout Picnic

Unfortunately, we won't be gathering at parades or cookouts this year, but we can help support local restaurants and have a small family picnic at home. Order some takeout or delivery from one of the many local places eager to serve you. Restaurant hours may vary because of the holiday weekend, but there are three whole days to find something yummy for the family.

Virtual Food Truck Nights
Friday, May 22 and Monday, May 25
Virtual Food Truck Friday

If you're looking for a variety of good food and some entertainment, check out a Virtual Food Truck Night this weekend.  Local food trucks will be in different locations throughout Rhode Island. Pick up something you've been craving, drop in a donation for first responders, and then head home to enjoy the live virtual entertainment put on by the crew at PVD Food Truck Events. Check their event page for details.

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