Let’s face it, desserts are awesome all year long, but there’s something about winter that makes you want to curl up under five blankets with a big slice of something and a good book to escape the cold or just watch the snow fall. Here’s an eclectic mix of Providence's wintertime sweets and some of the season’s biggest titles.

"Auntie Poldi and the Sicilian Lions" by Mario Giordano
Paired with Macarons from Celebrated
Auntie Poldi

Upon her retirement, Auntie Poldi picks up and moves to Sicily, where she’s expecting a life of luxurious R & R. Her plans, however, are thwarted when her dashing handyman is discovered dead and Poldi finds herself playing the part of Nancy Drew. Enjoyed with Celebrated’s creative macarons, the dessert represents the easy, decadent life that Poldi had initially set out for, but never found. 

"The Friend" by Sigrid Nunez
Paired with the Spiced Cake from Whisk Me Away
The Friends

From award-winning novelist Sigrid Nunez comes a creatively told, gut-wrenching and empowering tale of the human-canine connection. Upon the loss of a woman’s mentor and good friend, she finds herself the new dog mom of a distraught Great Dane. While her friends fear that she has grown reclusive and too attached to the dog (which may be true) what transpires is a very true, tender look at grief, loss and moving past it. If you don’t have a Great Dane (or any other furry friend) to keep you company this winter, then grab a slice of Whisk Me Away’s divine spiced cake and enjoy.