Providence Tour Company usually gives walking tours of Providence, but in the age of COVID-19, we got a little creative: now guests can discover fun local history of the city while solving riddles and competing with their friends, all while social distancing.

Here’s how it works: teams sign up to participate in advance online at At the selected time, teams receive the first of five clues that direct them to certain landmarks in the city. Teams will have to crack the code, drive to the landmark, take a selfie with it, and send it in to the clue master to get the point for that clue. The first team who solves all five riddles and sends their five pictures wins.

As the owner of Providence Tour Company, this is a passion project. I love getting people interested in local history, and I thought this could be an exciting way to get out of the house while still following social distancing rules. There are so many interesting local stories to be told, and who doesn’t like a little game?

Each intricate clue draws inspiration from someone or something that happened in Providence. If it gains traction, I plan to develop themed hunts — an architecture hunt, an art hunt, and a bicycle hunt are some ideas.

I’m hoping it can be something that continues after COVID-19. I love getting creative with the clues, so if customers like the format, the sky is the limit!

Give the scavenger hunt a try: go to and make a reservation today.