This coming Sunday, April 6, Rhode Island Pride will hold their annual Triple Crown Pageant at The Colosseum Nightclub in Downtown Providence! The theme of this year's pageant is "Once Upon A Time." The yearly theme encourages contestants to draw inspiration and creativity, and to incorporate it into part of their performance throughout the evening.

There are 3 titles up for grabs - Miss Gay Rhode Island (which is awarded to a drag queen/female impersonator), Mr. Gay Rhode Island and Ms. Lesbian Rhode Island. The contestants in each category compete in 5 different stages throughout the evening: Private Interview, Theme Costume, Talent, Evening/Formal Wear and Onstage Question. The panel of judges assesses each contestant's strengths and weaknesses in each category until a winner is chosen. The evening is full of intense competition and amazing talent and it is a not-to-be-missed event.

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