It’s that time of year again when we all gather around our televisions and watch our favorite celebrities win that small gold statue at the Academy Awards®. This year, we can sit back and watch in anticipation to see if the films that were nominated from the Rhode Island International Film Festival (RIIFF) “bring home the gold.” All of the films listed below either premiered at, were played at, or were nominated by RIIFF. 

Narrative Short Nomination:
“Day One,” Henry Hughes, Director (American Film Institute)
“Everything Will Be Okay (Alles Wird Gut),” Patrick Vollrath, Director (Filmakademie Wien)
“Shok,” Jamie Donoughue, Director (Eagle Eye Films)
“Stutterer,” Benjamin Cleary, Director (Bare Golly Films) 

Documentary Short Nomination:
“Body Team 12,” RYOT Films and Vulcan Productions
“Chau, beyond the Lines,” Cynasty Films
“Last Day of Freedom,” Living Condition

Animated Short Nomination:
“We Can’t Live Without Cosmos,” Konstantin Bronzit, Director (Melnitsa Animation Studio)

Nominations That Were Regionally Premiered at RIIFF: 
“Shaun the Sheep Movie“– Best Animation
“Brooklyn” – Saoirse Ronan, Best Actress
“Brooklyn” – Best Picture

The Rhode Island International Film Festival is hosting a “Red Carpet Experience” to celebrate the nominations and have a viewing of the Oscars. This event will take place at The VETS on Sunday, February 28. For more information, please click here.