and the Providence Journal bring you Small Bites: Easy-to-Digest Recipes. Anything you could possibly want to learn about coffee — beans, process, tools — they know at New Harvest Coffee Roasters, where they do it all and make cocktails, too.

If you've been in Rhode Island for any amount of time, you've no doubt had their coffee somewhere. They were among the state's early artisan coffee roasters. Founded in 2000 by Rik Kleinfeldt and Paula Anderson with the stated intent “of making great coffee accessible to real people.”

Sophie Short brings us a delicious Peppermint Mocha recipe just in time for Valentine's Day. Check out the full recipe and video:

New Harvest Peppermint Mocha

- 2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder

- 1–2 teaspoons sugar (optional)

- 8 ounces brewed coffee

- 4 ounces warm or hot milk, to your liking

- 1 or 2 drops peppermint extract

To make one cup, start with the powder and sugar (if you like a sweeter drink). Add the hot coffee, then the warmed milk. Add a drop or two of peppermint extract, or an amount to your liking. Stir and serve.