It's a great time of year to check out Providence’s eclectic neighborhoods. Visit each neighborhood individually or create a trail based on a theme. The “What’s Good in the Neighborhood” blog series will give you a start. Today’s theme? Sausages and dogs!

Silver Lake & Olneyville
Places to Dine Silver Lake & Olneyville

You are not a Rhode Islander until you order “two all the way" at Olneyville New York System. From the James Beard Foundation to Guy Fieri, every culinary icon has bowed down before these all-natural hot dogs slathered with onions, celery salt, mustard and a spicy meat sauce.

Federal Hill
Caserta Pizzeria Wimpy Skimp

Eat your vegetables with a side of mozzarella, olives and pepperoni by ordering a “Wimpy Skippy” spinach pie from the iconic Caserta Pizzeria.

West End
carrot dog grangeri

Vegetarians and those who love them won’t be disappointed with the carrot dog at The Grange. This delicious pseudo-dog is served in a pretzel bun and topped with kimchi, Korean barbecue sauce and chili aioli.

Wayland Square
McBride’s Pub Bangers and Mash

Raise a pint and enjoy a traditional Irish plate of “Bangers and Mash” (mashed potatoes and sausages) at McBride’s Pub.

Hope Street
Chez Pascal Wurst Window

Chez Pascal is the wurst and it’s the best. The iconic and quaint restaurant lets loose at its "Wurst Window,” where you can pick up sausages, cured meats and a meatloaf made famous on the “Today” show. 

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