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Top Tween Ideas for April Vacation

Coming up with fun things to do with tweens during school break can be tricky — they're too cool for “little kid stuff” and too young to go out alone with their friends. Here are some suggestions to keep both you and your tweens happy. Be sure to check with individual businesses to see if…

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Dragons & Mythical Creatures Come to Roger Williams Park Zoo

Travel through a world of myth and wonder with Roger Williams Park Zoo's Dragons & Mythical Creatures exhibit, open April 7 through Aug. 13. They move, they roar, they even breathe smoke! Get up close and personal with nearly 60 life-size animatronic dragons, unicorns, mermaids and more along the…

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Not-to-Miss Gaspee Days Events

If you'd like to get a jump on celebrating Independence Day, visit Pawtuxet Village on the Warwick/Cranston line this spring. Since 1965, this Colonial-era neighborhood, now a trendy destination for restaurants and shops, has hosted Gaspee Days, a commemoration of the burning in the cove of the…

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Experience the Solar Eclipse in Providence

Wondering how to see the solar eclipse on April 8? You'll have to head north to see the total eclipse, as parts of New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont will fall into the path of totality. And, while Providence isn't in that path, we'll still see about 90% coverage beginning around 2:15 p.m., with peak…

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Easter Egg Hunts in Rhode Island

Who doesn't love Easter egg hunts? Running around the yard ... searching for brightly colored eggs filled with special prizes ... and — if you were lucky — finding the one your grandmother hid with a fresh $20 in it. Or was that just me? Well, these Easter egg hunts might not be in your backyard…

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Providence Bruins Teddy Bear Toss

The Providence Bruins are celebrating a big milestone this year — the 25th anniversary of their 1999 Calder Cup championship win. Thanks to a last-minute ticket, I was there for game 5, cheering them on. I still have the championship T-shirt somewhere, in a box with a "Somethin's Bruin in…

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29 Things To Do in Providence for Leap Day

Leap Year (Day) is one of my favorite days. It’s far more special than a regular holiday as it only comes every four years! To me, it’s an entire day to do whatever you want — the equivalent of an adult snow day. I look forward to this day and make a plan to try something new, whether it’s a new…

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7 Fun Things To Do This February Vacation

February Vacation is coming up and that means plenty of family fun activities need to be planned. But don't worry, we've got you covered. Here is a list of seven fun places to go this February Vacation in the Providence area. Jump to: Roger Williams Park Zoo Providence Children's Museum Base…

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Winter Fun at Roger Williams Park Zoo!

Winter is one of the best times to visit Roger Williams Park Zoo. You can catch the snow leopards playing, the golden lion tamarins climbing trees in the Faces of the Rainforest exhibit and more. Roger Williams Park Zoo is offering half-price admission for their Winter Wonder Days through Feb. 29…

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