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College Hill and the International Slave Trade Walking Tour

  • Presented By: Center for Reconciliation
  • Location: College Hill
  • Providence, RI 02903
  • Phone (401) 383-8035
  • Dates: Oct 24, Oct 31 2020
  • Time: 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Despite being the smallest colony and then the smallest state, Rhode Island was one of the US's largest contributors to the international slave trade. How? In College Hill and the International Slave Trade, you will discover how white residents of College Hill trafficked in and owned enslaved people of African descent, therefore creating wealth in Providence and helping to lay the foundation for race relations in the state.

During our two-hour hike through history, we'll discuss complicity and resistance from the viewpoints of enslaved Ghanaians, indentured Irish sailors, housewives, captains, barrel makers, chocolatiers, church bishops, insurance dealers, and Quaker slave owners and abolitionists.