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Providence Performing Arts Centre neon lights and street view


Downtown Providence is a vibrant mix of nationally recognized arts and cultural institutions, top-ranked restaurants, world-renowned universities, creative industries, financial and legal firms, and locally owned businesses earning the city the name, “The Creative Capital.”

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East Side

The East Side is home to many historic and cultural sites and residences, as well as world-class educational institutions, such as the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and Brown University. Filled with art and history, this iconic area has many treasures to visit.

Al Fresco Dining on Federal Hill

Federal Hill/West Side

Providence's Federal Hill/West Side neighborhood features more than 100 restaurants, boutiques, galleries and specialty food markets. And, while the city's rich Italian influence clearly still thrives there, Federal Hill's restaurant scene also offers a diverse selection of...

Dining at CAV

Providence Metro

Providence's acclaimed restaurant scene reaches far beyond the borders of downtown, extending into the Elmwood, Elmhurst and Mount Pleasant neighborhoods. Check out these great spots for a special night out or a quick bite with friends.