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Base Station VR Lounge

  • 286 Thayer Street
  • Providence, RI 02906
  • (401) 484-1895

Base Station VR Lounge is Providence and Rhode Island’s first dedicated Virtual Reality Arcade/Lounge.

Whether you’re looking to relax and spend time in the Arizona sunshine shooting zombies or go a bit wild and create virtual artwork that fills an entire room sized canvas in 3D, we’ve got the space for you! Base Station VR Lounge has several room scale spaces, all approximately 8'x8', which allow you to walk around a bit and not be constrained to one spot in “real” space, allowing the inner and outer you freedom of motion.

When you come in to Base Station VR, you’ll put on a Virtual Reality Headset and step into an alternate universe, into the past, into the future. You’ll drive fast cars or even faster space ships. Paint in 3D space or take your fears to new limits. Spend time with zombies or aliens, or spend time with your friends in multi-player VR. Base Station VR offers several Virtual Reality headsets and room scale play areas to allow your imagination loose, let your creativity free, and let your inner gamer go wild.

How do you get VR time? Easy. You can make a reservation through Base Station VR's online reservation system, through a phone call, or you can come in and either make a reservation or just start playing right away if we have a station available. Each Virtual Reality 8'x8' “Station” can accommodate up to 4-5 players all for the same cost, not on a per-person basis. Stations are typically $39 per hour with the opportunity of getting a discount for multiple hours or multiple stations. Contact us for details about discounts or check out our booking page. We also have the option of renting out part or all of the space for parties or groups. Please call us at (401) 484-1895 for details about that as well or check out our booking page for info.