Providence Warwick Convention & Visitors Bureau

Go Providence Meeting Staff

Providence Ambassador Spotlight

Don McKenzie

2015 U.S. Synchronized Skating Championships

Economic Impact 
$3 Million

What I Love About Rhode Island
"I love the closeness. Everything is close together. Everyone is connected in some way or another."

Favorite "Rhode Island" Things to Do
Attend PC Basketball and P Bruins games
Go to the beach 

Hot Wieners or Quahogs?
Both - hot wieners always "all the way"

Del's or Coffee Milk?
Why Skaters Love Events in Rhode Island
"The close proximity of the hotel, mall and all the eateries. All in walking distance. Skaters love being able to walk from the Dunk(in' Donuts Center) all the way to the mall" 

Deb Dormody Home is Where the Art Is

Alliance of Artists Communities 2015 Annual Conference

Economic Impact 

What I Love About Rhode Island
"I love the scrappy entrepreneurialism. I love how artists can actually make a living here and be able to have access to New York and Boston."

Favorite "Rhode Island" Things to Do
Go to the beach 

Hot Wieners or Quahogs? 
Pizza strips

Del's or Coffee Milk? 
Del's (with vodka)

Why Fellow Artists Will Love Rhode Island
"This conference brings together different people from all over the world who are excited to see all of the amazing things that are going on in Providence and they have a genuine interest in what's going on. It will inspire people worldwide. 

Thank you to all of our 2017 Ambassadors. Together they will create an estimated total economic impact of $8.6 million.

Honorable Mayor Jorge Elorza  
Providence-Guatemala Summit

Antonio Aguilar
North East Regional Pride 2018 Conference

Jessica Ahern    
Tourism Cares

Colonel Hugh Clements
Law Enforcement Information Management Conference

Kath Connolly   
American Copy Editors Society Annual Meeting

Shannon Cornicelli          
Mardi Gras Gymnastics Invitational

Elsa DePina        
Central Wellness Conference

Diane Duhaime
Rhode Island Department of Transportation Occupant Protection Assessment Meeting

Matt Finlayson 
Ocean State Waves Games

Janet Hasson    
Gatehouse Media Publishers Conference

Nick Inglis           
Information Governance Conference

Tom Parrish
League of Resident Theatres Fall Meeting

Steven Piscopiello          
Little League 9-10 East and Mid-Atlantic Championships

Brad Read          
Volvo Ocean Race

Jacqueline Reilly, M.B.A               
National Transportation Training Directors Conference

Rhode Island Hospitality Association        
National ProStart Invitational

Jason Rhodes   
National Association of State EMS Officials Spring Meeting

Noel Rubinton  
National Conference for the University Research Magazine Association

Will Tregaskis    
North East Regional Pride 2018 Conference 

Paula Twidale   
U.S. Tour Operators Association Board of Directors Meeting

Lauren Ustaszewski         
League of Resident Theatres Fall Meeting

Melody Weeks
DoD Northeast Regional Council Meeting

2017 Loyal Partner Award Winners

David Fergenbaum         

Jane Ritson-Parsons