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Take it OutsideAs a recipient of a Rhode Island "Take it Outside" grant, the PWCVB has used this funding to create an Event Lending Library. We hope to help industry partners navigate some of the challenges that come with shifting to doing business outdoors. Grant funds were used to purchase a wide variety of event equipment, which businesses may borrow for a set amount of time. A list of available items may be found in the form below.

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Once your request is received, Sandra Olson will reach out to you to confirm details. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Sandra directly at

If the request is approved, you will be asked to sign an Equipment Rental Agreement, which will be sent via email.

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The pickup contact will be responsible for signing the Equipment Rental Agreement so they must be authorized to do so.

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Select the quantity needed for each item requested. Maximum number available is below each item. Request is not guaranteed.

Rental Agreement is based on a one-week term; time limit not to exceed two weeks. If items are needed for a longer period, we will do our best to accommodate. Click here to read through our Rental Agreement.

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