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  • Birch
    200 Washington Street Providence, RI 02903
    Phone: (401) 272-3105
    Restaurant Week Participant

    Cuisine: Contemporary
    Serving: Dinner
    Dinner Price: $34.95

    Please choose one from each of three courses. The four course menu is $60. Add a beverage pairing $50.

Dinner $34.95

Course One
Choose One

Black Bass
Crispy sakura leaves, pickled green tomato, sorrel and lemongrass

Winter Greens
Garden herbs, confit mushroom and creme fraiche

Marinated Shellfish
Preserved rat's tail radish, apple, radish and buttermilk

Course Two
Choose One

Rock Crab
Pumpkin seeds, biquinho pepper and brown butter

Sea lettuce, marigold, smoked pork and ginger

Hardy kiwi berry, blue basil and smoked kombu

Course Three
Choose One

Glazed Rhode Island Duck
Radicchio, apple, garden greens and herbs

Lightly Grilled Cabbage
Winter squash, caramelized sauerkraut, toasted seeds and a broth of dried apples

Grilled on the bone with kale, apple, fennel and a stew of the barbecued head with scallop, shell beans and herbs

Course Four
Choose One

Fresh Cow's Milk Cheese
Preserved flowers, onion syrup and caramelized breadcrumbs

Preserved Peaches
Meyer lemon, cultured cream and beeswax

Summer Raspberries
Maple, aromatic herb and whey granita

*Beverages, tax and gratuity are not included.*