Providence Warwick Convention & Visitors Bureau

Take A Bite Out of Winter



Course One
Choose One

Today’s Oysters, Raw
Nori-Ginger Mignonette, Hot Sauce

Tiny Ham Biscuits
Country Ham, Today’s Mustard

Course Two
Choose One

Sunchokes and Pecan-Smoked Mussels
Tomato Vin, Arugula, Furikake

Brussels Sprouts v.4.2.
Preserved Lemon, Black Pepper, Pickled Coriander

Course Three
Choose One

Hot Flavor Sesame Noodles
Pickled Kale, Broccoli, Garlic, Chile

Dan Dan Noodles (north style)
Mutton, Squid, Fermented Chile, Black Pepper

Winter Ramen
Chicken Roulade, Radish, Roasted Pumpkin

Course Four
Choose One

Kabocha Cake
Young Ginger Buttercream, Orange Curd

Chocolate Squash Panna Cotta
Apple Churro

*Beverages, tax and gratuity are not included*