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Jewelry District

Timeline: The Jewelry District, A Manufacturing Hub


Kendall Manufacturing Co
(1827-1929) Kendall Manufacturing Company

Produced soap (Soapine French Laundry Soap)

Barstow Stove Company
(1836-1930) Barstow Stove Company

The largest stove manufacturer in New England

Jewelry District
(1872-1932) Champlin and Son

Produced gold rings, gold-filled chains and wire supplies

Davol Rubber Company
(1880-1977) Davol Rubber Company

Produced medical devices and hot water bottles composed of rubber

Hedison (Champlin) Building
(1883-1941) Vesta Knitting Mills

Producer of ribbed, knit underwear for women and children

Doran Building
(1907-1966) James Doran and Sons

A company specializing in jewelry findings, umbrella fittings and collar buttons

(1911-1979) Coro (Cohn & Rosenberger) Jewelry

Once the largest costume jewelry manufacturer in the U.S.

Speidel Co
(1912-1965) Speidel Company

Produced chains, and later, extendable bracelet watchbands (“Twist-O-Flex”)

Little Nemo Building
(1913-1978) Little Nemo (Brier Manufacturing Co.)

Second largest jewelry company in the U.S., named after a popular comic strip character

Imperial Knife
(1916-1988) Imperial Knife

Largest knife manufacturer in the U.S