The 3rd Annual Werewolf 5k, a roadrace produced by the makers of Wooly Fair, will kick off Sunday October 23rd at 3pm on Sims Ave in Providence. The race is costumed and a fierce contest of wills between hapless thieving shapeshifters, angry villagers in pursuit, and, with any luck, a few members of the Village People. The race begins on Sims Ave, travels down Harris Ave toward the city, around the Providence Place Mall, up around the Capitol, and back again. Entry fee is $15. Each runner will receive a screen-printed racing bib and loads of bloody glory.

The rules are as follows:
Runners are encouraged to dress in one of the three categories -- Werewolf, Angry Villager, or a member of the Village People.
Each werewolf starts the race with a stolen rubber chicken.
Each rubber chicken represents a 30-second time handicap.
The race is a staggered start with werewolves starting first, then angry villagers 30 seconds later, then members of the village people 30 seconds after that.
If a werewolf is tagged, he or she must relinquish their chicken.
Top male and female runners in each category will receive a fruit basket.
To register, see the route, or to find out more about the race visit