2024 PrideFest Recap

The 2024 Rhode Island Pride event was a spectacular celebration of love, inclusivity and community spirit in Providence, Rhode Island. The city's vibrant LGBTQ+ community came together to create an unforgettable experience filled with parades, parties and meaningful connections. The event highlighted Providence's unique blend of historical charm and modern vibrancy, with locals welcoming visitors with open arms and overwhelming kindness.

This year, the festivities were especially notable with the participation of Ravi Roth, a renowned LGBTQ+ content creator. Ravi's visit and coverage of the event showcased the incredible sense of warmth and support that defines Providence. As Ravi mentioned in his blog, the love and light he experienced were unmatched, making Providence a beacon of joy. For more detailed insights and stories from Ravi Roth's visit to Providence, check out his full blog post here. Take a look at his Instagram reels capturing the vibrant essence of RI PrideFest 2024.


Providence blends the quaint allure of a New England town with the dynamic flair of an urban center. Its celebrated dining scene, vibrant arts and culture, and beautifully maintained historic landmarks make Providence a captivating and inspiring place to visit.
— Ravi Roth (LGBTQ+ Content Creator)

RI PrideFest & Parade
2025 Dates TBD

A celebration of love, respect and joy, Pride is considered one of Providence’s signature events. Rhode Island’s Annual PrideFest Celebration & Illuminated Night Parade is always a vibrant, festive event held in Downtown Providence. Explore scores of nonprofit organizations, businesses and food vendors. In the evening, the Illuminated Night Parade lights up downtown and is a must-see.