Providence Story Ideas

Providence has many great stories to tell. Just some of the many fascinating angles are presented below, but you are encouraged to visit and explore for yourself. If you need additional assistance crafting a unique story, please contact Senior Director of the Tourism Improvement District Alana O'Hare at or 401-456-0245.

Providence Pride  

Providence has long been a tolerant, accepting and progressive community. RI Pride draws more than 15,000 supporters annually and is a vibrant and visible part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Cruise the Cuisine Scene in Providence 

From the mom-and-pop classic Italian dining found in Providence's Federal Hill neighborhood to the innovative restaurants in Downcity, Providence is populated with establishments to fit every diner's taste.

Arts, Culture, Music and More Combine in the Creative Capital

Many local artists and famous talents call the "Creative Capital" home.

Offbeat Providence

Regardless of individual interest, Providence has quirky, offbeat city attributes to entertain anyone.

Educational Hub

Eight colleges and universities have campuses in the Providence area, making an indelible impact on the region's intellectual, cultural and social life.

Pioneering Providence

Founded in 1636 by Roger Williams, most of Providence burnt to the ground in the 1600s during King Phillip's War, a battle between settlers and Native Americans. 

Providence Welcomes Four-Legged Friends

Restaurants and hotels throughout Providence are paying tribute to man's best friend with a host of themed nights and specials.

Providing Infinite Family Fun for All Ages

Providence offers a variety of activities that can be enjoyed by the entire family.

Hot Location for Conventions, Meetings and Events

Whether a trade show, banquet, business meeting or convention, Providence is an ideal location for any event.