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First Baptist Church

  • 75 North Main Street
  • Providence, RI 02903
  • (401) 454-3418

The oldest Baptist church congregation in the United
States was founded by Roger Williams in 1638.
Worshiping first in private houses and later in austere
meeting houses, the Baptists made a new and bold move
in erecting this magnificent building in 1775, a period
when Providence enjoyed economic success. The largest
surviving wooden structure from Colonial America, it
combines the simple hall of a traditional New England
meeting house with the most fashionable English
architectural features, such as the steeple, modeled after
a version of the one at St. Martin in the Fields (1724), on
Trafalgar Square in London, by architect James Gibbs.
Brown University, founded as a Baptist college, has held
its annual commencement in the church every year
since 1776.