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Memorial Park

  • South Main Street
  • Providence, RI 02903

This sculpture-filled park pays homage to people who gave their lives during wars and conflicts around the world.

RI Holocaust Memorial - Created in 2015, the Rhode Island Holocaust Memorial pays tribute to “all that we have lost and all that we have learned” from the atrocities of World War II. The memorial was designed by RISD-based sculptor Jonathon Bonner and is composed of four parts: the Entrance Gate, the Path, the Life Stone and Memorial Columns. The memorial serves as a tribute for, and on behalf of, Rhode Island’s remaining Holocaust survivors.

Korean War Memorial - The bronze statue speaks to the price of war and honors its veterans, depicting a kneeling soldier fighting off the rain and cold.

World War I & II Memorials - Standing 150 feet high, the World War I Memorial honors those who served in the First World War. The memorial was designed by architect Paul Cret and created in 1929. The memorial names specific battles Rhode Islanders fought in with the word “Peace” at the top of the tower. The World War II memorial was dedicated in 2007 and honors the generation of Rhode Islanders who fought in the Second World War.