The Feast of St. Joseph is celebrated every year on March 19, a custom established by Rome back in 1479. In Sicily, Saint Joseph is seen by many as their Patron Saint, as he is credited with preventing a famine in the Middle Ages. As the people’s prayers to their saint were answered, a large feast and celebration were prepared to honor St Joseph. Many people wear red on St. Joseph’s Day, similar to the green attire seen on St. Patrick’s Day two days earlier.

Zeppole, Neapolitan pastry created in 1840 by Don Pasquale Pinatauro, is the traditional Italian pastry eaten to celebrate St. Joseph’s Day. Zeppole are baked or fried dough filled with either cream or custard, then topped with powdered sugar and a cherry … delizioso!

We took a look at how to make perfect zeppole with Scialo Bros. Bakery in Providence’s iconic Federal Hill neighborhood. Scialo Bros. Bakery just celebrated their 100th anniversary and is one of many Italian eateries on Federal Hill celebrating the Feast of St. Joseph. Buon appetito!


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