People are hitting the streets for Pokémon GO. GoProvidence has joined in on the hunt by launching a blog series to help Pokémon GO gamers navigate Providence. Keep reading for more info ...

Benefit Street in Providence is called the "Mile of History," and for good reason. This stretch of road going from Wickenden Street down to North Main Street is packed with historic buildings and homes. And you know what that means for Pokémon GO – plenty of PokéStops!

In and around Benefit Street there are a total of 25 different PokéStops. That's plenty of gear to get you going. While we were out, we were able to find some great high CP Pokémon.

Since Benefit Street is located near the Rhode Island School of Design, and is a large pedestrian traffic area, Niantic (the creators of the game along with Nintendo) have placed rare and high level Pokémon for people to catch. You'll be sure to find some Electric Type Pokémon like Pikachu, Voltorb and even Electabuzz. 

Below is a map of the area including the locations of the PokéStops. Happy hunting! Use #PokeGoProv to share some of your rare catches around Providence.

PokemonGo Benefit


If you're looking for some refreshments while you're out trying to catch 'em all, visit our restaurants page. Who knows, maybe your favorite restaurant will be a PokéStop!

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