People are hitting the streets for Pokémon GO. GoProvidence has joined in on the hunt by launching a blog series to help Pokémon GO gamers navigate Providence. Keep reading for more info ...

Wickenden Street is a half mile stretch chock full of unique shops, fabulous food, and of course plenty of PokéStops and Gyms. While we walked down Wickenden Street we were able to spot 24 different PokéStops along the way. Plenty of them that had lures set, so we were able to see a great variety of Pokémon around.  


Along with the PokéStops, there are four different Gyms in the area. That means there will be plenty of battling going on. We spotted a few people out at the Gyms having a great time. While you're around there be sure to stop in to some of the great restaurants and shops. The Duck and Bunny is a great place to grab a sweet treat, and you can also grab a delicious slice of pizza over at Fellini's Pizzeria. There are also The Hot Club and The Whiskey Republic that are right on the water and a great place to grab a drink with some friends. 

The PokéStops listed below are taken straight from the game. Some of the actual locations might not be the same. 


  • Fox Point Veterans Memorial
  • Street Art with Used Tires
  • Sheldon Street Church
  • First Cape Verdean Protestant Church in America
  • Fox Point Veterans Memorial Women
  • Corliss Landing Park
  • Lola’s Taco Skeleton Mural
  • Wood-frame Arch
  • Mayor Vincent A Cianci Jr Corliss Landing 
  • Birdhouse Community
  • Spider Sculpture
  • Brickway Mural
  • Hairspray Salon Mural
  • Providence River Park
  • Aqualife Mural
  • Wooden DNA Pole Art
  • Governor & Wickenden
  • George M. Cohan
  • Olympic Records
  • Strange Figure
  • Portuguese Sporting Club
  • Gano Community Boat Launch
  • Malachis Mural
  • Governor's Fenner Square


  • School Bus Mural
  • Captain Seaweed
  • Union Baptist Church
  • St. Joseph's Church

If you're looking for some refreshments while you're out trying to catch 'em all, visit our restaurants page. Who knows, maybe your favorite restaurant will be a PokéStop!

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