Pokémon GO is kind of a big deal. So, GoProvidence is joining in on the hunt by launching a blog series to help Pokémon GO gamers navigate Providence. Keep reading for more info ...

The RiverWalk is a great place to catch any Water-type Pokémon. The full walk goes from Providence Place at Francis Street, all the way down to South Water Street.

Waterplace Pokemon

Along the way you’ll catch plenty of Pokémon, from the ever-annoying Magikarp (still working on getting 101) to Goldeen and Poliwag. We even spotted a Dratini out on the waters. Be sure to check out all of the PokéStops below to pick up some gear along the way.

If you're lucky enough to come to Providence on a WaterFire weekend, you'll be able to travel this path lit up by nearly 100 blazing bonfires. Who knows, maybe a Dragonite will appear near the flames!

Completing a circuit of the RiverWalk path is around 2 miles, or about 3.2 km so make sure you pop on those egg incubators!

Use #PokeGoProv to share some of your rare catches around Providence. Next up ... Federal Hill!

RiverWalk Map


  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Bridge
  • Hope River Marker
  • Waterplace and Providence River Park Dedication Plaque
  • Waterplace Bridge
  • Exchange Street Bridge
  • “Drunken Staircase”
  • Providence River Park
  • Providence Gondola Landing
  • One Citizens Plaza Fountains
  • Steeple Street Historical Map Pillar
  • Ceramic Tile Pillar Gazebo
  • Hurricane Flood Water Marking
  • Kira Fischer Memorial
  • Burning of the British Taxed Tea
  • Historic Victor Stanley Bench
  • World War II Memorial
  • The Old Harbor
  • The Robert E. Rowan Bridge
  • River Relocation Project
  • Ship Wall Art
  • The Fountain at the Compassionate Friends Garden
  • Broken Heart Stone
  • The Butterfly Path
  • Planet St.
  • Providence (Water Street)
  • Archway Sculpture
  • Famine Statue


  1. The Capital Grille
  2. Jacky's Waterplace Restaurant
  3. LUXE Burger Bar
  4. Union Station Brewery
  5. Bar Louie
  6. Cafe Nuovo
  7. Parkside Rotisserie & Bar
  8. Hemenway's Seafood Grill & Oyster Bar

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