Downtown Providence has three stunning new outdoor art installations to check out. The pieces, created by PVDFest public artists, will remain on view through the fall and some through the winter. Find out about the artists and where you can find the artwork below:

Head in the Clouds, Feet on the Ground
Artist: Jerold Ehrlich
Location: Foot of the Pedestrian Bridge
Head in the Clouds Feet on the Ground PVDFest 2020 Sculpture

Jerold Ehrlich started making sculptures at around the age of 10. Taking materials, objects and inspiration from large construction sites, Ehrlich likes to reuse these objects in an unintended way. "Head in the Clouds, Feet on the Ground" can be viewed at the foot of the Pedestrian Bridge. Find out more info about this artist and sculpture>

Bee Violet

Artists: Allison Newsome & Deborah Spears Moorehead
Bee Violet PVDFest 2020 Public Sculpture

Artist Allison Newsome has dedicated years of her work to Biomimicry, the study of nature to find ways to solve problems, and Deborah Spears Moorehead is a Seaconke Pokanoket Wampanoag artist, advocate, educator, writer, singer/songwriter and more. Newsome and Spears Moorehead teamed up to create this piece, "Bee Violet," with its name being derived from the term used to describe a bee's ability to see ultraviolet light patterns on flowers to help it navigate. Find out more info about these artists and sculpture >

Artist: Karin F. Giusti
Location: Civic Center Garage, 165 Washington Street
Dreamweave PVDFest 2020 Public Sculpture

With her master's degree in sculpture from Yale University, Karin F. Giusti is an award-winning artist who specializes in deep reflective public art. Dreamweave can be seen at the Civic Center Garage. The printed ribbons in this piece resemble a bolt of woven fabric, giving off beautiful colors in the daylight and a lantern effect at night. Find out more info about this artist and sculpture >

Downtown Providence

Downtown Providence is the heart of the city, filled with world-renowned restaurants, super-cool shopping, stunning historic architecture, and an assortment of fun things to do. Stroll along the riverfront and then explore downtown's cobblestone streets. Be on the lookout for the stunning murals and public art pieces dotted throughout Providence. Make a stop at the Pedestrian Bridge for a spectacular view of the city and a requisite photo. Treat yourself and celebrate our city by spending the day or weekend in Providence.