Historic Federal Hill, Rhode Island’s "Little Italy" known for its Italian heritage and great food, is one of America's most storied neighborhoods celebrating the traditions of St. Joseph’s Day. The origins of the Italian American version of St. Joseph's Day most likely date back to medieval Sicily when the saint was said to have answered the people's prayers by ending one of the island's legendary droughts. When prayers are answered, celebrations begin!

The San Giuseppe Block Party starts with the blessing of the Zeppole di San Giuseppe at noon on Saturday, March 19 on Acorn Street. Zeppole are Italian doughnuts filled with yellow cream and covered with whipped cream. If you haven’t tasted one, it’s a must. The most luscious and decadent zeppole can be found at the Block Party or at any of the bakeries on historic Federal Hill.

The party continues until 8 p.m. on Acorn Street, which will be closed to traffic. Noted for its delicious and diverse selection of cuisine, many of the local restaurants will be serving their delights along with wine and beer. Music will add to the celebration and remember to wear red to honor St. Joseph.

On Saturday, March 19, to celebrate San Giuseppe Day, Roma and Biergarten will return to Garibaldi Park with the DJ again from 12-5 p.m.