Ghosts and summer go together like . . .

Hmm . . . like what exactly?

Yes, we do see some furrowed brows when folks realize the Providence Ghost Tour is open from May (and sometimes April, if Mother Nature is feeling gracious) until late December. “Summertime,” they remark, “Huh, I wouldn’t think people would care about ghosts in the summer.”

However, if we said, “Let’s tell ghost stories around a campfire,” the image would be one ingrained in our culture since childhood. Spooky stories, crackling logs, long shadows that flicker and dance. It is iconic. 

Spirits, ghosts and entities are found in every culture and every part of the world. They are a unifying phenomenon in a world that often feels very divided. Beyond the spirits, history and the dust of yesteryear swirls around us all and gives us a sense of place, a sense of our roots. Providence Ghost Tour is an evening everyone can enjoy.

Ghosts and Grub in Providence, RI

So yes, my little ghosties, summer is a perfect time for ghosts. Summer and ghosts go together like marshmallows and chocolate, bug spray and sunscreen, flip flops and bathing suits.

Please join us as we walk in lantern light nightly from Prospect Terrace Park (60 Congdon St., Providence, RI). Hoping for something to nibble while you walk? Check out our Ghosts and Grub tours, featuring an offering from one of our city’s local food trucks. They’re hauntingly delicious!

You never knew the East Side had a dark side!