For the first time in the Ocean State, you can experience the surreal world of virtual reality gaming, without the costly hassle of purchasing and setting up your own equipment. For a low price, the Base Station VR Lounge in Providence offers a wide variety of immersive virtual reality games and experiences that are guaranteed to astonish your senses in ways you never thought possible. Located in a comfortable loft on Thayer Street, The Base Station is equipped with the most advanced virtual reality sets available at five different stations throughout the lounge.

Perfect for trips with friends, family, or as a fun date idea, sharing the experience with others is all part of the fun. While players have the headsets on, bystanders can pass the time by relaxing on comfy couches while watching the in-game action in real time on a flat screen — which is almost as entertaining as watching the player dodge obstacles and swing their arms around, in what is quite literally their own little world.

Are you afraid of heights? Step into an elevator that brings you to a plank more than 500 feet in the air above a cityscape, and then dare to walk to the end in “Richie’s Plank Experience.” Into shooters? Take first-person gaming to a whole new level, as you fend off hordes of mutants in 360 degrees of heart-pounding, virtual reality glory in “The Brookhaven Experiment.” From hand painting to horror houses, the Base Station VR Lounge has an experience for any age or attitude.

Whether you’re looking to book a fun retreat for your business, or to simply escape the real world for a bit, The Base Station offers booking options to accommodate any group. Find some time to head up to 286 Thayer St. on College Hill in Providence and experience this new gaming technology that will forever change the way you view video games. Find out more here

While on Thayer Street, grab a bite to eat at one of the local restaurants. Andrea's and Kartabar are two great dining choices.