Visiting Gillette Stadium for a concert or football game? Here's five reasons to stay in Providence:

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1. We're close ... like really close

Gillette Stadium is only 20 miles away and a 30-minute drive from downtown. Don't believe us? Ask Google Maps. Google knows everything.

2. There's more than one way to get there

Warwick Train

In addition to driving, there's direct train service to the stadium for big events like the Army-Navy Game presented by USAA and New England Patriots games.

3. We're affordable

Providence — and nearby Warwick — offer lots of things you'll find in a bigger city, like great hotel rooms and nationally known restaurants, without a big price tag. Save those hard-earned dollars for souvenirs ... or nachos. Definitely nachos.

4. You can take over the town

The Guild PVD Beer Garden In Providence, RI

Whether it's Navy Blue, Army Green, your favorite team jersey or a sleeve full of Taylor Swift bracelets, fans can be a big fish (or Dolphin, get it?) in a smaller pond here in Providence.

5. We want to welcome you

We're so fortunate to have Gillette Stadium in our backyard. We are honored to be welcoming servicemen and women and veterans in December, and we love hosting sports fans and concertgoers year-round.

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