Looking for a fun, convenient and affordable "Rhode" trip destination this summer? Here are 10 reasons to head to Rhode Island.

You can get here from there.

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1.You Can Get Here From There

If you live in New England, you can probably get to Providence  and back — on one tank of gas. If you drive electric and need a charging station, well, we ranked 6th best in the nation for that.

Accessibility & Transportation

With its convenient Northeast location, 25 percent of the nation’s population is within a 500-mile proximity to Providence. Easily accessed via Interstate 95, Providence is a 50-minute drive from Boston and a three-hour drive to New York City.

Almost everything is walkable in Providence

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2. Almost Everything Is Walkable in Providence

Once you’re here, just park the car on Brown yard. Almost everything is walkable in Providence, so you don’t need a car to get around. AND, you can take advantage of more than 60 miles of paved trails for biking and walking in all regions of the state.

We have 400 miles of shoreline

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3. We Have 400 Miles of Shoreline 

Rhode Island is small but we have 400 miles of shoreline along Narragansett Bay. There is no shortage of waterfront to make all your friends on Instagram jealous. 


Vibrant Nightlife

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4. Vibrant Nightlife

When the sun sets, set out for fun. In Providence, you can find a hole-in-the-wall pub, a lively country music bar, and an elegant cocktail lounge all within a half mile.


There is always something fun and exciting to do in Providence at night. Sing your heart out at karaoke or show off your trivia smarts at one of WRIK Entertainment's events, laugh the night away at the Comedy Connection of Rhode Island, break out some dance moves or sit back and take in the diverse music scene, or tuck away in a corner at one of the many unique bars and lounges. Providence's nightlife scene will make for an amazing and memorable evening in the city.

5. Our Weather

It’s not too hot, it’s not too cold — all you need is a light jacket. Cheryl from "Miss Congeniality" was right — April 25 is the perfect date and usually there's great weather in Rhode Island. But we think the summer months are pretty great, too. Even Gracie Lou Freebush would agree. 

WaterFire Providence

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6. WaterFire Providence

Providence is lit … literally. In the summer, chances are you’ll catch the one-of-a-kind WaterFire installation along the Providence waterways that flow through Downtown. There’s nothing quite like it and words can’t do it justice, so take a look for yourself. 


There's art Everywhere you look

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7. There's Art Everywhere You Look

Whether you’re looking for it or not, you’ll find murals and other public art on buildings, walls and utility boxes throughout Providence,RI. You can also check out one of the city’s museums. We do, after all, put the "Rhode Island" in Rhode Island School of Design

Award-Winning Restaurants

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8. Award-Winning Restaurants

You can’t go wrong when it comes to cuisine. Providence is home to a top-notch culinary school, Johnson & Wales University, and it has churned out some world-renowned chefs. That said, you’ll find incredible chefs at any one of the award-winning and culturally diverse restaurant options in Providence. 


Dinosaurs Among Us

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9. Dinosaurs Among Us

Through August 13th, visit the Roger Williams Park Zoo to see the "Dinosaurs Among Us" exhibit. They’ve set up nearly 60 life-size (like, wicked big) animatronic and interactive dinosaurs throughout the zoo, and it’s fun for the whole family. 

Roger Williams National Memorial Park

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10. Parks Aplenty

Speaking of Roger Williams, he has a couple of parks named after him. After you visit the Roger Williams Park Zoo (there’s a park and a zoo), head to the Roger Williams National Memorial. It’s one of four nationally-designated memorials, parks or historic sites in the state. Again, you can get to all of them in 15 minutes or so. Because #RhodeIsland.