Sept. 29 is National Coffee Day and there are plenty of ways to celebrate. Sip a fresh roast at one of the city’s unique coffee shops, savor a coffee milk doughnut at a specialty shop, or try it Rhode Island's signature way — served cold in a glass alongside a hot wiener.  

Sydney Providence


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Steps from the Providence Train Station, Sydney Providence is where Australian inspiration meets local ingredients and a passion for quality. Enjoy a delicious cup of espresso and accompany it with a delicious fresh-baked good or breakfast sandwich. Grab-and-go food options are also available. Visit Sydney at 400 Exchange St.   

Dave’s Coffee


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Dave’s Coffee is best known for its flavored coffee syrups. Head over to the Dave's shop at 341 South Main St. and try a syrup for yourself in a variety of hot or cold beverages, or grab a cup of nitro brew, on tap every day. 



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For the month of September, the coffee milk doughnut has returned to the extensive menu of beautifully crafted donuts at PVDonuts. Pick up this fluffy brioche treat, along with other seasonal offerings like a pumpkin mocha old fashioned or a caramel apple fritter, at 79 Ives Ave.

Olneyville N.Y. System


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Olneyville N.Y. System, located at 20 Plainfield St., has been serving up classic hot wieners and coffee milk in Providence for more than 65 years. Open from lunch until late at night, you’ll have plenty of time to visit this fast-food favorite for a quick bite and a tall, cold glass of Rhode Island’s iconic beverage.